StoRM WebDAV v. 1.0.4

Released on 22.01.2016 with StoRM v. 1.11.10.


This release provides a fix for a security vulnerability that was recently reported, and adds support for RFC-3230. It explains how to get checksum type and value of the stored resources. From this release, each HEAD and GET response will include a header like:

Digest: adler32=8a23d4f8

to be compliant with RFC-3230 specific.

Security vulnerabilities

More information concerning the security vulnerabilities addressed by this release are going to be published when appropriate at this URL.


  • [STOR-700] - Add support for RFC 3230 in StoRM WebDAV service

Installation and configuration

Update and restart package:

yum update storm-webdav
service storm-webdav restart

You can find more information about upgrade, clean installation and configuration of StoRM services in the System Administration Guide.