VOMS Services operations

For VOMS 2.0.16, VOMS Admin server 3.8.1, VOMS Admin client 2.0.21


The commands used to start and stop VOs in CENTOS 7 changed with the move to systemd.

To enable VOs in VOMS admin, you must use the voms-vo-ctl utility. For example, the following command enables the atlas VO:

voms-vo-ctl deploy atlas

To start and stop all VOs on the machine, use the following commands:

systemctl start voms@'*'
systemctl start voms-admin

To start or stop a specific VO, use the following commands:

service voms start <vo>
service voms-admin start <vo> 

Log files locations

Service Directory Filename
VOMS core /var/log/voms voms.VO_NAME
VOMS admin /var/log/voms-admin voms-admin-VO_NAME.log
VOMS admin /var/log/voms-admin server.log

Logging verbosity configuration

VOMS core

The VOMS core service logging verbosity is set with the --loglevel option in the:


Log levels are numeric values which have the meaning defined in the following table:

Value Level name Meaning
1 LEV_NONE Do not log
2 LEV_ERROR Log only error messages
3 LEV_WARN Log warn error messages and above
4 LEV_INFO Log info messages and above
5 LEV_DEBUG Log debug messages and above


The --logtype flag controls which type of information is logged by the voms server. The default value for this option is 7 and should be left configured so.

VOMS admin

The VOMS admin service uses logback for logging configuration.

The container level logging configuration is maintained in the file:


while for a given VO is maintained in the file:


Instructions for configuring the logging can be found directly in the configuration files.

voms-db-util logging

To change the verbosity of the voms-db-util command, refer to the following logback configuration file:



See the known issues page