VOMS repository configuration

For VOMS 2.0.16, VOMS Admin server 3.8.1, VOMS Admin client 2.0.21

VOMS is currently supported on the following platforms:

  • CENTOS 7

VOMS requires the following repositories enabled:

  • EPEL
  • UMD
  • X.509 CA certificates (aka trust anchors)
  • VOMS repositories

Installation instructions for each repository are given in the following sections.


To install the EPEL repository use the following command:

yum -y install epel-release


To install the UMD repository, follow the instructions on the UMD web site.

Trust anchors

To work as expected, VOMS requires the IGTF trust anchors installed. In Europe, this is done by installing packages from the EGI trust anchors repository.

VOMS repositories

In order to install VOMS you can use the VOMS PT package repositories, as described in the VOMS website release section.

For a working CENTOS 7 installation, install the stable package repository and the VOMS externals repo.