VOMS Admin server v. 3.2.0

This release provides several bug fixes and improvements for VOMS Admin server. In particular:

  • VOMS Admin now supports Group managers, a mechanism which allow the hierarchical dispatching of the notification resulting from user VO membership and group membership requests.

  • A Request log section has been added to the VOMS Admin web application. The log shows information about requests handled (approval time, who approved the request etc.)

The updated VOMS Admin user guide describing the new features can be found here.

Bug fixes

  • VOMS-260 : VOMS Admin cannot handle certificate request for certificates with different CAs and the same subject
  • VOMS-259 : EMI-3 VOMS-Admin does not publish GLUE2EndpointStartTime
  • VOMS-257 : VOMS Admin should keep in database the date of last membership expiration warning notification sent

New features

  • VOMS-266 : Hierarchical notification dispatching in VOMS Admin
  • VOMS-351 : Request log visible on VOMS Admin webapplication

Installation and configuration

Upgrading to this version requires an upgrade of the database and a reconfiguration depending on the version of VOMS admin which is being upgraded.

Follow the instructions in the VOMS System Administrator Guide.

Upgrade from Actions required
EMI-3 (v. 3.1.0) db upgrade
EMI-2 (v. 2.7.0) db upgrade reconfiguration

Known issues

None at the moment