StoRM Puppet mudule v4.0.0 released

21 Jun 2023 Enrico Vianello

It’s highly recommended to configure latest StoRM v1.11.22 release with latest StoRM Puppet module.

Due to the fact that both Puppet v5.x and v6.x have reached EOL, the v4.0.0 release of StoRM Puppet module is supported only on Puppet v7.

How to install Puppet 7 on RHEL 7

First of all install Puppet 7 repositories:

rpm -Uvh
rpm -Uvh

Install Puppet latest GPG key:

rpm --import RPM-GPG-KEY-puppet-20250406 && \

Finally, you can install Puppet service:

yum install -y puppet

Puppet v4.0.0 CHANGELOG

  • Puppet version >= 7.0.0 is required
  • Added storm::gridftp::data_interface parameter in order to support a configuration behind a public IP
  • Added storm::gridftp::log_level parameter in order to allow logging level
  • Removed storm::webdav::ensure_empty_storage_area_dir: storage area directory is now automatically purged of not managed properties files
  • Added storm::webdav::tpc_enable_expect_continue_threshold in order to set a threshold from which an header with Expect: 100 continue is added
  • Added storm::webdav::user parameter in order to allow the setting of a custom user used to run the service
  • Added storm::webdav::tape_wellknown_source parameter in order to specify which JSON file has to be loaded as content of the well-known endpoint for WLCG Tape REST API implementation
  • Within update-site-report script, JSON file is now moved and not copied to avoid the growth of useless files in tmp directory
  • Removed storm::backend::debug* parameters
  • Removed storm::backend::install_native_libs_gpfs parameter because the installation of the GPFS libs is done if at least one storage area has fs_type GPFS.
  • Added a retry mechanism if StoRM Info Provider configure command fails
  • Removed the custom management of systemctl daemon reload because now it’s supported by Puppet 7

More info here