Updates for several VOMS components

24 Oct 2014 Andrea Ceccanti

Today we release updates for all main VOMS components. The highlights of this release are:

  • VOMS Clients 3.0.5 provide a new packaging which can coexist with the native, 2.0.12 clients (also released today). The new packaging of both packages allows the installer to choose which client should take precedence using the alternatives system. By default, the 3.x clients take precedence. The new clients also provide several bugfixes and leverage the latest VOMS Java APIs, as highlighted in the release notes. Starting with this release, the clients are also available on Maven Central;

  • VOMS API Java 3.0.4 providing fixes for several issues in support for the clients release;

  • VOMS server 2.0.12 which provides several bugfixes. In particular, some segfaults have been resolved and the server now correctly throttles incoming requests;

  • VOMS-Admin server 3.3.0 provides bugfixes and improvements in the integration with the CERN Organizational Database;

As usual packages can be obtained from our repositories and will soon be pushed to the EMI-3 and UMD repositories. For instructions, refer to the releases section.

This release is dedicated to the memory of our friend Valerio Venturi.