VOMS Admin server v. 3.3.1 and VOMS server v. 2.0.12-2

03 Nov 2014 Andrea Ceccanti

This release fixes a few issues in the VOMS packages released on October, 24th. In particular:

  • VOMS-Admin server 3.3.1 provides support for the configurable selection of enabled SSL protocols and cipher suites. VOMS-Admin v. 3.3.0 disabled SSL3 by default, but we have found out that mkgridmap clients would stop working with that setting. This version does not disable SSLv3 by default, but provides the ability to do it at a later time by changing a configuration parameter. More details in the release notes.

  • VOMS server 2.0.12-2 fixes a problem in the RPM packaging that prevented mock builds to behave correctly. More details in the release notes.

As usual packages can be obtained from our repositories and will soon be pushed to the EMI-3 and UMD repositories. For instructions, refer to the releases section.

Besides the release, we have restructured the web site a bit in order to provide more consistent access to release notes and documentation.