VOMS Admin server v. 3.4.0

26 Oct 2015 Andrea Ceccanti

This release provides an update for VOMS Admin server.

VOMS Admin server 3.4.0 provides several features and improvements, mainly targeted at the CERN VOMS deployment. The highlights are:

  • the CERN HR member id is used instead of the primary email address for linking VOMS and CERN HR membership

  • an improved request handling page that allows to handle multiple requests with a single click

  • all actions performed are now saved in a persistent audit log in the voms database; this audit log replaces the limited request log available in former voms-admin releases

  • VOMS admin now requires Java 8

  • The VOMS Admin guide has been split in two documents:

For more details and the complete list of changes and new features, see the release notes.

As usual packages can be obtained from our repositories and will soon be pushed to the EMI-3 and UMD repositories. For instructions, refer to the releases section.