VOMS clients 3.0.7, VOMS Admin 3.5.0, VOMS 2.0.14 and more

09 Sep 2016 Andrea Ceccanti

Today we announce a new release for several VOMS components fixing outstanding bugs and providing new features.

The updated components are:

  • VOMS clients 3.0.7: starting from this release voms-proxy-init generates RFC proxies by default
  • VOMS Admin 3.5.0: which fixes problems found in former releases and introduces new features. More details in the release notes
  • VOMS server 2.0.14: which provides improved certificate validation error reporting
  • VOMS C/C++ APIs 2.0.14: which provide improved certificate chain type detection and validation, mainly targeted at support for RFC proxy certificate chains
  • VOMS MySQL plugin 3.1.7: which fixes a problem with data types used in some queries which caused improper logging of user IDs in VOMS server logs

As usual, packages can be obtained from our repositories and will soon be pushed to UMD repositories. For instructions, refer to the releases section.