VOMS services configuration reference

For VOMS 2.0.14, VOMS Admin server 3.5.2, VOMS Admin client 2.0.19

Table of contents

VOMS server configuration


This file contains variables needed by startup scripts to properly execute the VOMS service

Property Description Default value
VOMS_USER The user under which the VOMS process will run voms
TNS_ADMIN Default oracle tnsnames.ora location /etc/voms

VOMS server VO configuration

The VOMS server configuration for a VO can be found in /etc/voms/VO_NAME and is composed of two files:

  • voms.conf containing the server configuration
  • voms.pass containing the password used to access the database


The server configuration file is a text file containing a series of command line options that is parsed by the VOMS daemon at startup time. Check the VOMS man page for more information, using the following command:

man voms

An example VOMS configuration file:


Special configuration flags:

Flag Description Default
--skipcacheck Configures VOMS to only consider a certificate subject when checking VO membership disabled
--shortfqans Configures VOMS to use the short fqans syntax disabled
--syslog Configures VOMS to log to syslog disabled


This is a text containing only the password used by the VOMS server to connect to the database.

VOMS Admin configuration


This file contains variables needed by startup scripts to properly execute the VOMS Admin services

Property Description Default value
PREFIX The prefix for the VOMS Admin installation /
CONF_DIR The path where VOMS Admin configuration files are located /etc/voms-admin
VOMS_USER The user under which the VOMS Admin process will run voms
ORACLE_LIBRARY_PATH The path to oracle native libraries /usr/lib64/oracle/
TNS_ADMIN Default oracle tnsnames.ora location /etc/voms

Container configuration

VOMS Admin container configuration can be found in the /etc/voms-admin directory. The container configuration consists of two files:

  • voms-admin-server.properties
  • voms-admin-server.logback


This is a standard Java properties file.

Property Description Default value
host The hostname where service is accepting requests The output of hostname -f
bind_address The address that the service will bind to. By default VOMS binds on all interfaces. This option is usually commented out.
port The port where the service will be accepting requests 8443
cert The service PEM encoded X.509 certificate /etc/grid-security/vomscert.pem
key The service private key /etc/grid-security/vomskey.pem
trust_anchors.dir The trust anchors directory, i.e. where CA certificates and CRLs will be looked for /etc/grid-security/certificates
trust_anchors.refresh_period How ofter trust anchors are refreshed from the trust anchors dir (in seconds) 3600 (i.e. every hour)
max_connections Maximum number of concurrent connections accepted by the service 50
max_request_queue_size Maximum number of client requests queued 200
tls_exclude_protocols The list of disabled SSL/TLS protocols This option is commented out by default.
tls_include_protocols The list of enabled SSL/TLS protocols This option is commented out by default.
tls_exclude_cipher_suites The list of disabled SSL/TLS cipher suites This option is commented out by default.
tls_include_cipher_suites The list of enabled SSL/TLS cipher suites This option is commented out by default.


This is logback configuration file, which controls the logging to the following files:

  • /var/log/voms-admin/server.log (server messages)
  • /var/log/voms-admin/server-authn.log (authentication-related messages)

For more information about logback configuration syntax, check the logback documentation.

To change the verbosity of the authentication-related messages, for instance to get more information about certificate-related issues, change the level for the CANLListener logger from INFO to DEBUG as follows:

	<logger name="org.italiangrid.utils.https.impl.canl.CANLListener" level="DEBUG" additivity="false">
	       <appender-ref ref="AUTHN" />
	<root level="INFO">
	       <appender-ref ref="FILE" />

VO configuration

VOMS Admin configuration files can be found in /etc/voms-admin/VO_NAME for a given VO.

The following files control the configuration of a given VO:

  • service.properties: the main VO configuration file
  • database.properties : contains credentials and settings for accessing the database
  • logback.xml : the VO logging configuration
  • vo-aup.txt : the text of the default VO AUP
  • vomses: this file contains the vomses configuration displayed by the VOMS Admin webapp configuration page
  • lsc : this file contains the lsc configuration displayed by the VOMS Admin webapp configuration page

All the options described below can be set using the voms-configure script.


This is a Java properties file.

Base service options

Property Description Default value
voms.hostname The hostname that should be used for requests and notifications The output of hostname -f
voms.registration.enabled Should the registration service be enabled? True
voms.readonly Is this a read-only VOMS instance False
voms.skip_ca_check Skip checks on certificate issuer (i.e. authenticate users considering only the certificate subject) False

Notification settings

Property Description Default value
voms.notification.disable Disables the notification service. False
voms.notification.email-address The email address that will be used as the sender for VOMS Admin notification messages N/A
voms.notification.smtp-server The SMTP server used to dispatch notifications N/A
voms.notification.username The user used to authenticate to the STMP server N/A
voms.notification.password The password used to authenticate to the SMTP server N/A
voms.notification.use_tls Whether TLS should be used when contacting the SMTP server False

Membership validation settings

Property Description Default value
voms.task.membership_check.period How often (in seconds) the membership background thread should run 600
voms.membership.default_lifetime Default VO membership lifetime duration (in months). This setting is used to compute the default membership expiration date for newly created users 12
voms.membership.expiration_warning_period Warning period duration (in days). VOMS Admin will notify of users about to expire in the next number of days expressed by this option 30
voms.membership.disable_expiration_warning Disables periodic membership expiration warning notifications False
voms.membership.expiration_grace_period Membership expiration grace period (in days). During the grace period the user will be maintained active even if its membership has expired. Note that this option has no effect if the voms.preserve_expired_members is set to True 7
voms.membership.notification_resend_period Time (in days) that should pass between consecutive warning expiration messages sent to VO administrators to inform about expired and expiring VO members. 1
voms.preserve_expired_members When this option value is true, expired users are NOT suspended. False
voms.disable_membership_end_time This flag disables the membership end time checks completely. Turn this setting to true in case you want that user membership lifetime is linked only to the AUP acceptance period. False

Registration service options

Property Description Default value
voms.request.vo_membership.enable_attribute_requests Enables the attribute request at registration time. Setting this option to true will allow users to request membership in groups also during their first registration at the VO. The VO manager will be given the chance to approve every membership request. True
voms.request.vo_membership.require_group_manager_selection Require group manager selection at registration time, when GM are enabled. True
voms.request.vo_membership.lifetime Time (in seconds) that unconfirmed membership requests are kept inside the voms database. 604800
voms.request.vo_membership.warn_when_expired Should voms-admin send a warning email to the user when his/her unconfirmed request is removed from the database? True
voms.request.group_manager_role Sets a custom name for the group manager role. Group-Manager

AUP options

Property Description Default value
voms.aup.initial_url The URL of the AUP configured by default file:/etc/voms-admin/<VO_NAME>/vo-aup.txt
voms.aup.sign_aup_task_lifetime The lifetime of Sign AUP task assigned to users. This is a grace period, in days, given to users to sign the AUP after the signature expiration. 15
voms.aup.sign_aup_task_reminders Comma separated list of values that represent the days before the AUP grace period expiration when reminders should be sent to users that have a pending Sign AUP request 7,3,1

SAML Attribute authority options

Property Description Default value
voms.aa.activate_saml_endpoint Should the VOMS SAML service be enabled? False
voms.saml.max_assertion_lifetime The lifetime of issued SAML assertion (in seconds) 86400
voms.aa.compulsory_group_membership Set this to false to have a standard SAML AA behaviour. True

Other options

Property Description Default value
voms.csrf.log_only CSRF guard. When true, dubious requests are not blocked but logged. False
voms.mkgridmap.translate_dn_email_format Should voms-admin generate gridmapfiles that encode the email part of the DN using the “emailAddress” format in addition to the “Email=” format used by default? False


Look at the Hibernate documentation for more detailed information about these properties.

Property Description Default value
hibernate.connection.driver_class The Hibernate database driver Depends on the database backend. Don’t mess with this value unless you know exactly what you are doing
hibernate.connection.url The database backend url Depends on the database backend. Don’t mess with this value unless you know exactly what you are doing
hibernate.dialect The Hibernate database dialect Depends on the database backend. Don’t mess with this value unless you know exactly what you are doing
hibernate.connection.username The username used to authenticate to the database N/A
hibernate.connection.password The password used to authenticate to the database N/A

Database connection pool settings

Look at the c3p0 documentation to know about connection pool tuning.

Property Description Default value
hibernate.c3p0.acquire_increment Determines how many connections at a time c3p0 will try to acquire when the pool is exhausted. 1
hibernate.c3p0.idle_test_period If this is a number greater than 0, c3p0 will test all idle, pooled but unchecked-out connections, every this number of seconds. 0
hibernate.c3p0.min_size Minimum number of Connections a pool will maintain at any given time. 1
hibernate.c3p0.max_size Maximum number of Connections a pool will maintain at any given time. 100
hibernate.c3p0.max_statements Number of cached prepared statements (across all connections). See c3p0 doc. 50
hibernate.c3p0.timeout Seconds a Connection can remain pooled but unused before being discarded. Zero means idle connections never expire. 60


This is logback configuration file. For more information about logback configuration syntax, check the logback documentation.

By default all log messages for a VO will go to /var/log/voms-admin/voms-admin-VO_NAME.log.

This file is well commented, and explains how to change log levels for separate parts of the VOMS Admin service.

An example configuration file is listed below:

        This logger controls the MAIN voms admin log messages. Set the level to DEBUG 
        for maximum detail.  
    <logger name="org.glite.security.voms.admin" level="INFO" />
         This logger controls the main validation service VOMS Admin log messages.
         Set the level to DEBUG for maximum detail.
    <logger name="org.glite.security.voms.admin.core.validation" level="DEBUG"/>
        This logger controls the log messages produced when exceptions are raised by a call to the voms admin
        web services. Set the level to DEBUG for maximum detail.  
        level="DEBUG" />
        The loggers below control the amount of logging produced by the main frameworks used by voms admin. Normally
        you shouldn't change the defaults listed here.
    <logger name="org.opensaml" level="ERROR" />
        Set the level to INFO (or DEBUG) for the hibernate logging if you want to have more detailed log messages regarding
        the persistence management in voms-admin.
    <logger name="org.hibernate" level="ERROR" />
    <logger name="org.apache.struts2" level="WARN" />
    <logger name="com.opensymphony.xwork2" level="WARN" />
    <logger name="com.opensymphony.xwork2.config.providers.XmlConfigurationProvider" level="ERROR" />
    <appender name="FILE"

            <pattern>%date{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z',UTC} - %level [%logger{0}] - %msg%n</pattern>
    <root level="WARN">
        <appender-ref ref="FILE" />

CERN OrgDB plugin configuration

These instructions are only valid for the CERN VOMS deployment.

The VOMS OrgDB plugin provides integration with the CERN organizational database (OrgDB).

When the OrgDB integration is active:

  • registration requests are validated so that only applicants present in the OrgDB can apply for VO membership.
  • VO membership expiration time is linked to OrgDB membership expiration.

A periodic background task keeps the information in VOMS in sync with the information in the OrgDB.

Enabling the OrgDB plugin

The plugin configuration is currently not supported by voms-configure.

Assuming the VO for which the OrgDB plugin must be enabled is already configured, you will need to do the following changes to the configuration:

  • Edit the /etc/voms-admin/<vo-name>/service.properties file for the VO to enable the plugin.
  • Create the file /etc/voms-admin/<vo-name>/orgdb.properties where the OrgDB database connection properties will be configured.

Changes to the service.properties file

Add the following lines at the bottom of the service.properties file:

## External validation plugin options
voms.external-validators = orgdb
voms.ext.orgdb.configClass = org.glite.security.voms.admin.integration.orgdb.OrgDBConfigurator
voms.ext.orgdb.experimentName = ATLAS
voms.ext.orgdb.membership_check.period = 30
Property Description
voms.ext.orgdb.experimentName The name of the experiment in the OrgDB database that must be linked to the configured VO
voms.ext.orgdb.membership_check.period How frequently (in seconds) should the OrgDB synchronization task run. 43200 (12 hours) is a reasonable value

The orgdb.properties configuration file

The orgdb.properties defines the configuration used to connect to the OrgDB Oracle database:

hibernate.connection.driver_class= oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
hibernate.connection.url= jdbc:oracle:oci:<the orgdb TNS alias here>
hibernate.dialect= org.hibernate.dialect.Oracle10gDialect

hibernate.connection.username= orgdb_username
hibernate.connection.password= orgdb_password



Check the voms-admin log for your VO in /var/log/voms-admin-server. In case of successful configuration you will see something like:

2012-11-27 08:06:08.582Z - INFO [OrgDBConfigurator] - Connection to the OrgDB database is active.
2012-11-27 08:06:08.583Z - INFO [OrgDBConfigurator] - Setting OrgDB experiment name: ATLAS
2012-11-27 08:06:08.595Z - INFO [DefaultMembershipCheckBehaviour] - Expired users will be suspended after a grace period of 7 days.
2012-11-27 08:06:08.601Z - INFO [OrgDBConfigurator] - OrgDB request validator registered SUCCESSFULLY.
2012-11-27 08:06:08.604Z - INFO [VOMSExecutorService] - Scheduling task OrgDBMembershipSynchronizationTask with period: 30 seconds
2012-11-27 08:06:08.604Z - INFO [PluginManager] - 'orgdb' plugin configured SUCCESSFULLY.

Oracle timezone error

A bug in the Oracle jdbc driver may lead to problems in starting VOMS admin when the OrgDB is enabled. If you see an exception similar to:

Acquisition Attempt Failed!!! Clearing pending acquires. While trying to
acquire a needed new resource, we failed to succeed more than the maximum
number of allowed acquisition attempts (5). Last acquisition attempt exception:

java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1

ORA-01882: timezone region not found

then you should add the -Doracle.jdbc.timezoneAsRegion=false to the VOMS_JAVA_OPTS variable in /etc/sysconfig/voms-admin:

VOMS_JAVA_OPTS="-Doracle.jdbc.timezoneAsRegion=false ..."