VOMS Admin server v. 3.3.0

This release provides several bug fixes and improvements for VOMS Admin server. In particular:

  • Improvements with the integration with the CERN Organizational database
  • The container work directory is no more stored in /var/tmp
  • VOMS Admin binds on all interfaces by default, however a bind_address option has been added to voms-admin-server.properties to bind to specific interfaces
  • SSLv3 support is now disabled (CVE-2014-3566)

Bug fixes

  • VOMS-541 : VOMS admin vo.d directory should live under /var/lib
  • VOMS-537 : Keep service host and bind address unrelated for VOMS Admin server
  • VOMS-536 : Disable SSLv3 in VOMS Admin
  • VOMS-531 : Handle null institute in OrgDB gracefully
  • VOMS-525 : voms-container should have workdir under /var/lib
  • VOMS-488 : Allow users to change their email address when OrgDB integration is enabled
  • VOMS-486 : voms-configure help incomplete
  • VOMS-458 : VOMS database upgrade fails when the db was created with voms-admin v. 2.5.3
  • VOMS-443 : Group manager selection should be mandatory when group managers are enabled in the registration process
  • VOMS-440 : Group and role membership notifications are not correctly dispatched to group managers
  • VOMS-383 : VOMS admin publishes wrong values for GlueServiceStatusInfo
  • VOMS-367 : VOMS Admin should bind on by default
  • VOMS-294 : VOMS container should clean up deploy directory at start time
  • VOMS-292 : VOMS Admin SOAP registration service inconsistencies

Installation and configuration

Clean install

Follow the instructions in the VOMS System Administrator Guide.

Upgrade from v. 3.2.0

The upgrade requires a service restart. After the packages have been updated, run the following commands:

service voms-admin stop
service voms-admin undeploy
service voms-admin start

Upgrade from earlier VOMS Admin versions

Upgrading to this version requires an upgrade of the database and a reconfiguration depending on the version of VOMS admin which is being upgraded. Follow the instructions in the VOMS System Administrator Guide.

Upgrade from Actions required
v. 3.1.0 db upgrade
v. 2.7.0 db upgrade reconfiguration