VOMS Admin server v. 3.4.2

This release provides fixes to a couple of problems introduced in VOMS Admin 3.4.0, in particular:

  • The handling of group-scoped user requests was broken if the “Group-Manager” role was not defined for a VO
  • The sign-aup alias URL sent in user suspension notifications was broken

Bug fixes

  • VOMS-710 : User requests cannot be approved if Group-Manager role is not defined
  • VOMS-711 : VOMS Admin sign-aup URL broken

Installation and configuration

Upgrade from VOMS Admin Server >= 3.4.0

Update the packages and restart the service.

Upgrade from VOMS Admin Server >= 3.2.0

A database upgrade and a reconfiguration (in this order) are required to upgrade to VOMS Admin server 3.4.2.

Upgrade from earlier VOMS Admin Server versions

First upgrade to VOMS Admin version 3.2.0 and then to 3.4.2.

Clean install

Follow the instructions in the VOMS System Administrator Guide.