VOMS Admin server v. 3.8.0

The release provides many bug fixes and improvements:

  • CENTOS 7/SystemD porting: VOMS Admin is now ported to CENTOS 7 and runs on SystemD; see the VOMS system administrator guide for more details;
  • GDPR compliance changes: VOMS Admin now hides sensitive information by default
  • Dependency upgrades:
    • Struts upgrade to version 2.5.22
    • MySQL connector upgrade to version 8.0.16
  • New CERN HR integration code

The full list of bug fixes and improvements is listed below.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • VOMS-869 : https://issues.infn.it/jira/browse/VOMS-869
  • VOMS-832 : Duplicate entries in membership expiration warning
  • VOMS-833 : Fix typo in membership expiration warning email
  • VOMS-834 : Wrong struts validation configuration makes audit log search unusable
  • VOMS-836 : Bulk extend membership button do not work as expected in VOMS admin 3.7.0
  • VOMS-856 : Adapt VOMS Admin to CERN HR GDPR changes
  • VOMS-874 : Remove certificate fails when invoked from the SOAP API

Installation and configuration

Upgrade from VOMS Admin Server 3.6.0

A service restart is required for changes to take effect.

Clean install

Follow the instructions in the VOMS System Administrator Guide.