VOMS API Java v. 3.0.5

This version of the Java APIs provide the following improvement and bug fixes:

  • it is now possible to disable hostname verification checks

  • the vomses files are now looked up only by alias. The lookup behaviour implemented in v.3.0.4 was not backward-compatible with former implementations

  • Hostname check failures are now handled correctly, i.e. an hostname check failure does not break the loop over available server endpoints for a given VO

Bug fixes

  • VOMS-568 : Hostname check failures are not handled correctly
  • VOMS-567 : VOMS Java APIs should select VOMS endpoint only by alias
  • VOMS-566 : VOMS clients and Java APIs should provide a flag to disable host name verification

Installation and configuration

For a clean install:

yum install voms-api-java3

For an update install:

yum update