VOMS Server v. 2.0.12

This release fixes several problems:

  • gSoap is now taken from the OS (before it was embedded in the VOMS source code and this could lead to issues)
  • a routine that caused segmentation faults when DNS resolution resulted in errors has been removed
  • VOMS does not disable core file dumping anymore
  • More stringent validation have been implemented on incoming requests
  • VOMS now correctly limits the number of incoming requests

Bug fixes

  • VOMS-507 : VOMS server embeds gSoap (while it should take it from the OS)
  • VOMS-459 : VOMS getId routine may cause segfault do to incorrect buffer handling
  • VOMS-456 : VOMS daemon does not update number of active requests until it reaches maximum
  • VOMS-444 : VOMS server disables core file dumping
  • VOMS-322 : Process forked by voms server crashes with empty voms requests
  • VOMS-135 : VOMS should have more stringent checks on incoming AC lifetime parameter

Installation and configuration

For clean and update installation instructions, follow the instructions in the VOMS System Administrator guide.