StoRM 1.11.6 released

20 Jan 2015 Andrea Ceccanti

The StoRM Product Team is pleased to announce the release of StoRM 1.11.6 that includes the following updated components:

This release fixes a regression that caused failures in the handling of SRM release files requests, as highlighted in the release notes.

Packages can be obtained from our repositories and will soon be available on the EMI-3 repository. Follow the instructions in the download section.

Important Since 1.11.5, a new YAIM variable for the backend service has been introduced: STORM_GRIDHTTPS_PUBLIC_HOST (see the StoRM Backend configuration section). If your StoRM deployment provides a WebDAV/HTTP endpoint, you must set this variable to the FQDN of the machine where the webdav service is running in order to publish the HTTP/WebDAV enpoints in the BDII.