StoRM (STOrage Resource Manager) is a light, scalable, flexible, high-performance, file system independent, storage manager service (SRM) for generic disk based storage system, compliant with the standard SRM interface version 2.2.

Latest News

07 August 2020

StoRM 1.11.18 released

Released packages:

  • StoRM Backend 1.11.18
  • StoRM Frontend 1.8.13
  • StoRM GridFTP 1.2.4
  • StoRM Native Libs 1.6.0
  • StoRM WebDAV 1.3.0
  • StoRM Info Provider 1.8.2
  • CDMI StoRM 0.1.1
  • YAIM StoRM 4.3.12

17 December 2019

StoRM 1.11.17 released

Released packages:

  • StoRM Backend 1.11.17
  • StoRM WebDAV 1.2.1
  • StoRM GridFTP 1.2.3

Implements the SRM specification

StoRM is adopted in the context of WLCG computational Grid framework. It provides data management capabilities in a Grid environment to share, access and transfer data among heterogeneous and geographically distributed data centers. StoRM implements the Storage Resource Manager (SRM) specification.

Built for cluster filesystems

StoRM works on any POSIX filesystems, but was built to bring in the Grid the advantages of high performance storage systems based on cluster file system (such as GPFS from IBM or Lustre from Sun Microsystems), supporting direct access (native POSIX I/O call) to shared files and directories, as well as other standard Grid access protocols