StoRM 1.11.15 released

28 Feb 2019 Enrico Vianello

The StoRM Product Team is pleased to announce the release of StoRM 1.11.15 that includes the following updated components:

This release:

  • avoids an indefinitely growth of the threads queue size due to the the incoming requests to Frontend and the consequent block of the acceptor thread;
  • fixes the maxThread Backend setting which wasn’t honored as expected;
  • improves Backend’s startup thanks to a refactoring of the init scripts;
  • allows to specify multiple WebDAV endpoints to be published through the info provider, by using a new YAIM variable STORM_WEBDAV_POOL_LIST (read more here);
  • fixes minor issues on YAIM and storm-info-provider;
  • implements basic support for Third-Party-Copy in the StoRM WebDAV service which needs to be properly configured in order to make service working after the update (read more here);
  • clears old code and stuff related to deprecated variables from YAIM, Backend and Frontend.

Please, follow the upgrade instructions.

Starting from StoRM v1.11.14 StoRM production repository has been migrated. We also created a beta and a nightly yum repository too. Read how to install/upgrade StoRM repositories into the Downloads section.

Read the release notes for more details.