StoRM v. 1.11.13

Released on 19.02.2018.

Supported platforms: CentOS 6


This release provides fixes to some outstanding bugs:

  • fixes a problem on status update for tape recalls created through the REST endpoint;

  • fixes pool account mapping failures observed when StoRM is deployed with lcmaps-plugins-basic >= 1.6.3;

  • enhances the request garbage collector so that PrepareToPut requests that are stuck in the state SRM_REQUEST_INPROGRESS are automatically expired after a configurable amount of time.

This amount of time can be configured through the new property expired.inprogress.time (read more here).
Its default value is 2592000 secs (1 month). Add/edit it into your file.

expired.request.ptp.time = 2592000
  • fixes a bug in the garbage collector so that now only recall requests older than a configurable amount of time are garbage collected.

This amount of time can be configured through the property expired.request.time (read more here) which is already used for other asynch requests cleared by the Garbage Collector.
Its default value is 604800 secs (1 week). Add/edit it into your file.

expired.request.time = 604800
  • adds the ability to generate a storage usage JSON report, following the rules and format defined by WLCG (read more here).

Released components

Component Version Platform
StoRM Backend 1.11.13 centos6
YAIM StoRM 4.3.10 centos6
StoRM Info Provider 1.8.0 centos6

Bug fixes

  • [STOR-950] - Failure on updating recall task status
  • [STOR-951] - Pool account mapping fails since lcmaps-plugins-basic v1.6.4
  • [STOR-955] - Garbage Collector ignore timestamps on cleaning recall tasks


  • [STOR-954] - StoRM backend should garbage collect requests that are stuck in SRM_IN_PROGRESS for a configurable amount of time
  • [STOR-982] - JSON storage usage reporting


In case of a clean installation, follow the instructions in the System Administration Guide.

Upgrade services
Upgrade to UMD-4

UMD-3 repositories are currently EOL so we encourage to use UMD-4. Read the upgrade instructions here.