StoRM v. 1.11.17

Released on 17.12.2019.


This release introduces the support for CentOS 7 for StoRM WebDAV and StoRM GridFTP.

Released components

Component Version Platform
StoRM Backend 1.11.17 centos6
StoRM WebDAV 1.2.1 centos6 centos7
StoRM GridFTP 1.2.3 centos6 centos7

Bug fixes

  • [STOR-821] - service storm-backend-server status returns 0 even if backend is not running


  • [STOR-1088] - SystemD support for StoRM WebDAV
  • [STOR-1091] - SystemD support for StoRM GridFTP


You can find information about upgrade, clean installation and configuration of StoRM services in the System Administration Guide.

Upgrade StoRM repository

Starting from StoRM v1.11.14 the StoRM package repository has been migrated. Read how to install/upgrade StoRM packages in the Downloads section.