StoRM v. 1.11.9

CentOS 5 CentOS 6

Released on 29.05.2015


This release provides fixes and improvements as can be seen from the individual components release notes.

Released components

Component Version Platform
StoRM Backend 1.11.9 centos5 centos6
StoRM Frontend 1.8.9 centos5 centos6
StoRM WebDAV 1.0.3-2 centos5 centos6
StoRM Info Provider 1.7.8-2 centos5 centos6
YAIM StoRM 4.3.8 centos5 centos6
StoRM Native Libs 1.0.4 centos5 centos6

Bug fixes and improvements

  • [STOR-280] - used-space.ini can be used to initialize quota managed storage areas
  • [STOR-471] - Streamline LCAS/LCMAPS configuration for the StoRM Backend and gridftp
  • [STOR-782] - Check storm-info-provider exit code in order to block yaim execution in case of error
  • [STOR-789] - Make ntp.conf creation/overwrite optional
  • [STOR-792] - Avoid du on quota-enabled storage areas at Backend launch
  • [STOR-794] - Missing glite-info-provider-service dependency
  • [STOR-795] - Storage area matching fails with COPY/MOVE
  • [STOR-817] - A call to SRM Copy on StoRM endpoint should return SRM_NOT_SUPPORTED
  • [STOR-818] - StoRM Frontend shutdown should be faster

Installation and configuration

This release doesn’t require a YAIM reconfiguration. The updated services must be restarted:

service storm-backend-server restart
service storm-frontend-server restart
service storm-webdav restart

You can find more information about upgrade, clean installation and configuration of StoRM services in the System Administration Guide.