StoRM Backend v. 1.11.11

Released on 10.05.2016 with StoRM v. 1.11.11.


This release:

  • fixes a StoRM backend issue that prevented correct startup on Java 6 and 7

and introduces:

Bug fixes

  • [STOR-867] - Backend initialization fails when storage area has a default acl list


  • [STOR-695] - Improve performance of StoRM BE Garbage Collector
  • [STOR-890] - Finer grained metrics for the storm-backend

Installation and configuration

To upgrade to StoRM v.1.11.11, first of all update the involved packages:

yum update -y storm-backend-server

Check your /etc/storm/backend-server directory, you should find a new file: logging.xml.rpmnew. Backup your current logging configuration and replace it with the newest:

cd /etc/storm/backend-server
cp logging.xml logging.xml.backup
cp logging.xml.rpmnew logging.xml

Restart StoRM Backend service:

service storm-backend-server restart

You can find information about upgrade, clean installation and configuration of StoRM services in the System Administration Guide.