StoRM Backend v. 1.11.19

Released on 29.10.2020 with StoRM v. 1.11.19. centos6 centos7


This release:

  • fixes a bug introduced with StoRM v1.11.18 about the final update of the status on database of a srmPtG or srmBoL requests;
  • introduces new metrics in storm-backend-metrics.log.

Bug fixes

  • [STOR-1260] - BoL and PtG requests statuses not updated after recall success
  • [STOR-1267] - Uncaught RuntimeException raised when user.storm.pinned attribute is not found causes SRM_INTERNAL_ERROR during srmReleaseFiles


  • [STOR-1251] - Include jetty handler metrics reporting in storm-backend-metrics log

Installation and configuration

If you’re upgrading, you can update and restart service:

yum update storm-backend-server
service storm-backend-server restart


yum update storm-backend-server
systemctl restart storm-backend-server

In case of a clean installation please read the System Administrator Guide.

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