StoRM WebDAV v. 1.4.0

Released on 12.04.2021 as an update of StoRM v. 1.11.20. centos7


This release:

  • requires and install Java 11;
  • fixes some bugs related to the OIDC login button;
  • fixes logging directory ownership;
  • adds support for externalized session management;
  • includes user traceability information in access log.

Bug fixes

  • [STOR-1298] - StoRM WebDAV rpm doesn't set the proper ownership on /var/log/storm
  • [STOR-1332] - Login with OIDC button displayed only on storage area index page
  • [STOR-1335] - Login with OIDC button not shown for error pages


  • [STOR-1336] - Add support for externalized session management
  • [STOR-1351] - StoRM webdav should include user traceability information in access log
  • [STOR-1358] - StoRM WebDAV package should install Java 11

Installation and configuration

If you’re upgrading, you can update and restart service:

yum update storm-webdav
systemctl restart storm-webdav

In case of a clean installation please read the System Administrator Guide.

Read more at: