VOMS System Administrator guide

For VOMS 2.0.16, VOMS Admin server 3.8.1, VOMS Admin client 2.0.21

Table of contents


The Virtual Organization Membership Service (VOMS) is an attribute authority which serves as central repository for VO user authorization information, providing support for sorting users into group hierarchies, keeping track of their roles and other attributes in order to issue trusted attribute certificates and SAML assertions used in the Grid environment for authorization purposes.

This guide is targeted at VOMS service administrators, i.e. people installing and running the VOMS server.

Prerequisites and recommendations  


  • CPU: No specific requirements
  • Memory: 2GB if serving <= 15 VOs, more otherwise
  • Disk: 10/15 GB free space

Operating system

  • Supported OS: CENTOS 7
  • NTP Time synchronization: required.
  • IGTF host certificates: required.
  • Networking: for the service ports see the Service Reference Card

Packages repositories

Besides the usual OS packages you will need the EPEL and UMD package repositories configured.

All the other dependencies are resolved by the installation of the VOMS metapackages, voms-mysql-mp.

A single-node installation, with the hardware recommendations given above should serve well most scenarios. Serving a large number of VOs (> 15) will require more memory and disk space.

Upgrade instructions  

See the upgrade installation guide.

Clean installation instructions 

See the clean installation guide.

Service operation  

See the service operation guide.


See the known issues page