StoRM 1.11.22 released

21 Jun 2023 Enrico Vianello

The StoRM Product Team is pleased to announce the release of StoRM 1.11.22 that includes the following updated components:

  • StoRM Backend v. 1.11.22
  • StoRM WebDAV v. 1.4.2
  • StoRM Native Libs v. 1.0.7
  • StoRM Dynamic Info Provider v. 1.8.3

This release:

  • upgrades significant dependencies for StoRM WebDAV (spring-boot, canl, bouncycastle, jQuery)
  • introduce the support for WebDAV server pools into StoRM Backend
  • removes the support for TRACE method in StoRM WebDAV
  • tunes some default values of StoRM WebDAV (default TPC timeout, default heap size, etc.)

and fixes other minor fixes.

It’s highly recommended to configure latest StoRM v1.11.22 release with latest StoRM Puppet module v4.0.0 (post).

Please, follow the upgrade instructions. Read the release notes for more details.