StoRM 1.11.2 released

06 Sep 2013 Enrico Vianello

The StoRM Product Team is pleased to announce the release of StoRM 1.11.2 that includes the following updates:

Packages can be obtained from our repositories and will soon be available on the EMI-3 repository. Follow the instructions in the download section.

The StoRM 1.11.2 release provides several bug fixes as highlighted in the release notes. This release was initially foreseen for mid July but was delayed as issues kept being discovered by the sites running v.1.11.1 and, lately, the 1.11.2 preview versions.

We worked closely with the INFN Tier-1 and QMUL sites, where a preview of this release has been running reliably for weeks under high load and real use cases. Whenever an issue was found we provided new packages with tentative fixes to be tested in production. This fast turnaround has been possible thanks to our continuos integration infrastructure, which let sites install from a preview yum repo a few minutes after a change in the code is made. The result of this continuos feedback is a release that, having already faced the loads of production use, should be reasonably robust and stable. We want to thank the people operating StoRM at INFN-CNAF and QMUL for the precious collaboration and valuable feedback!

Let’s go more in detail on the main problems fixed in this release.

In the StoRM Backend, the deployment in production of v 1.11.1 has shown that in some cases there was an explosion of the number of threads created to handle incoming requests. This was caused by the high number of SRM abort requests on some transfers due to a malformed query on the database that increased considerably the time it took to handle prepare-to-get and prepare-to-put requests.

We fixed an issue on the GPFS quota computation handler introduced in v. 1.11.1. In some cases, a deadlock between worker threads could be observed and the update of the quota information would stop. This was caused by an improper sharing of a bounded threadpool between the thread that submits the GPFS Quota computation tasks and the workers that perform the quota computation.

The StoRM Frontend also received a pair of significant fixes, namely a fix for a truncation error on the transferred file sizes that caused problems to FTS and changes to the init scripts to properly change the local user for the frontend process.

The StoRM GridHTTPs Server has not undergone significant changes, but only some optimizations and some adjustments regarding configuration.

Finally, YAIM StoRM was updated to provide fixes (StoRM user configuration didn’t work, wrong values were published for Glue2) and remove old useless functionality (the checksum configuration code).

In order to avoid regressions as much as we could, we are continuosly enhancing our testsuite based on the Robot framework. Each time a new issue is found or new functionality is added, new tests are added to verify the correct behaviour of the clients.

For all the release details, see the release notes.

important If you installed from our development repository, when the EMI3 repository will be updated, or after you installed our production repository, you must remove the developers’ repo and reinstall the involved components. We are working to change our development packages versioning scheme so that this step will not be needed in the future.

important With StoRM 1.11.2 the StoRM Backend logging configuration file /etc/storm/backend-server/logging.xml has been modified. Given that such file is a config file, it will not be replaced by the RPM if you changed it. In order to take advantage of the new configuration please merge your local configuration manually with the .rpmnew version created by the package update.