StoRM v. 1.11.16

Released on 02.10.2019.

Supported platforms: CentOS 6


This release:

  • introduces the support for the CKSUM command, so that an ADLER32 checksum is returned if already known for a file, or computed on the fly and stored in an extended attribute;
  • introduces configurable support for Conscrypt in StoRM WebDAV that improves TLS performance for Java applications by delegating the handing of cryptographic operations to boringssl (the Google fork of OpenSSL);
  • fixes StoRM WebDAV startup failure due to an unreachable OpenID Connect provider and some minor configuration issues;
  • fixes error description when a SRM mkdir path contains non existing intermediate directories.

Released components

Component Version Platform
StoRM Backend 1.11.16 centos6
StoRM WebDAV 1.2.0 centos6
StoRM GridFTP 1.2.2 centos6

Bug fixes

  • [STOR-1095] - StoRM WebDAV default configuration should not depend on
  • [STOR-1096] - Unreachable OpenID Connect provider causes StoRM WebDAV startup failure
  • [STOR-1099] - Improve error description when srmMkdir path contains non existing intermediate directories


  • [STOR-1094] - Support for the CKSUM GridFTP command
  • [STOR-1097] - Introduce Conscrypt JSSE provider support
  • [STOR-1098] - Update spring boot to 2.1.4.RELEASE


In case of a clean installation, follow the instructions in the System Administration Guide.

Upgrade StoRM repository

Starting from StoRM v1.11.14 the production repository has been migrated. In addiction, beta and nightly yum repositories have been created.

Read how to install/upgrade StoRM repositories into the Downloads section.

Upgrade to UMD-4

UMD-3 repositories are currently EOL so we encourage to use UMD-4. Read the upgrade instructions here.