StoRM WebDAV v. 1.2.0

Released on 02.10.2019 as an update of StoRM v. 1.11.16.


This release:

  • introduces configurable support for Conscrypt in StoRM WebDAV that improves TLS performance for Java applications by delegating the handing of cryptographic operations to boringssl (the Google fork of OpenSSL);
  • fixes StoRM WebDAV startup failure due to an unreachable OpenID Connect provider and some minor configuration issues;
  • upgrades spring boot to 2.1.4.RELEASE.

More information can be found in the StoRM WebDAV service installation and configuration guide and in the StoRM WebDAV support for Third Party Copy transfers guide.

Bug fixes

  • [STOR-1095] - StoRM WebDAV default configuration should not depend on
  • [STOR-1096] - Unreachable OpenID Connect provider causes StoRM WebDAV startup failure


  • [STOR-1097] - Introduce Conscrypt JSSE provider support
  • [STOR-1098] - Update spring boot to 2.1.4.RELEASE

Installation and configuration

Update the StoRM WebDAV package:

yum update storm-webdav