StoRM v. 1.11.3

Released on 20.12.2013


This release provides fixes for security vulnerabilities that were recently reported, and several bug fixes.

Important A security authentication token is now used to secure all communication among the storm-frontend and grihttps services and the backend. The token is configured using the STORM_BE_XMLRPC_TOKEN YAIM variable for the three services. More details in the System administrator guide.

Important The webdav service now responds on the /webdav/[storage-area] path. More details in the WebDAV interface guide.

Important Please ensure that storage area file permissions are correctly set. Follow these instructions before running the gridhttps server.

Released components

Component Version Platform
StoRM Backend 1.11.3 centos5 centos6
StoRM Frontend 1.8.4 centos5 centos6
StoRM GridHTTPs 3.0.0 centos5 centos6
YAIM StoRM 4.3.4 centos5 centos6
StoRM SRM client 1.6.1 centos5 centos6

Security vulnerabilities

More information concerning the security vulnerabilities addressed by this release are going to be published when appropriate at this URL.

Bug fixes

  • [STOR-450] - StoRM Gridhttps initializes VOMS validation in an unsafe way
  • [STOR-431] - File /etc/sysconfig/storm-frontend-server is replaced by yum
  • [STOR-415] - Fix StoRM documentation typo
  • [STOR-376] - StoRM GridHTTPs' fileTransfer and WebDAV requests on different context-paths
  • [STOR-368] - StoRM frontend crashes when SSL connection errors are raised by argus pep_client library
  • [STOR-217] - Service crashes on status of async operations
  • [STOR-293] - During the start-up the file welcome.txt is not found


Installation and configuration

You can find information about upgrade, clean installation and configuration of StoRM services in the System Administration Guide of the Documentation section.

Known issues

None at the moment