StoRM Backend v. 1.11.4

Released on 23.05.2014 with StoRM v. 1.11.4.


This release provides several bug fixes.

Important Since version 1.11.3 a security authentication token is used to secure all communication among the storm-frontend and grihttps services and the backend. The token is configured using the STORM_BE_XMLRPC_TOKEN YAIM variable for the three services. More details in the System administrator guide.

Bug fixes

  • [STOR-256] - StoRM doesn't survive an update of MySQL
  • [STOR-501] - StoRM Backend fails to map the correct VFS when storage-area accesspoints are nested
  • [STOR-505] - StoRM does not correctly prefix SURLs when multiple mapping rules are defined for a storage area
  • [STOR-515] - Improved Space Helper messaging
  • [STOR-520] - If 'logging.xml' file is malformed, during bootstrap phase, the Backend dies without writing the parsing error on stderr log file
  • [STOR-598] - heartbeat.log average duration logged in microsec instead of millisec
  • [STOR-602] - Synchronous PTG or PTP are logged twice into heartbeat.log


  • [STOR-524] - Proper use of string formatting in log calls
  • [STOR-560] - PtG ACL setup should be configurable

Installation and configuration

You can find information about upgrade, clean installation and configuration of StoRM services in the System Admininistration Guide of the Documentation section.

Known issues

None at the moment