StoRM Backend v. 1.11.7

Released on 09.02.2015 with StoRM v. 1.11.7.


This release provides several bug fixes and adds support for the xroot protocol alias ( formerly you would use ‘root’ for requesting a xrootd TURL).

This update of the backend requires a YAIM reconfiguration. The YAIM reconfiguration is needed to add the new xroot protocol alias to the list of supported transport protocols in the StoRM database.

Bug fixes

  • [STOR-686] - Drop support for storm-SA-read storm-SA-write
  • [STOR-701] - StoRM should be able to serve ptg requests for the "xroot" protocol
  • [STOR-718] - Slow status update queries impact on mysql performance on multiple srmRm requests

Installation and configuration

You can find information about upgrade, clean installation and configuration of StoRM services in the System Administration Guide of the Documentation section.