StoRM WebDAV v. 1.0.2

Released on 09.02.2015 with StoRM v. 1.11.7.


This is the first official release of the StoRM WebDAV service, which replaces the storm-gridhttps server.

The StoRM WebDAV service provides performance improvements and resolves some problems previously found in the storm-gridhttps-server, in particular:

  • incorrect handling of multi-range partial get requests
  • incorrect handling of multiple slashes in incoming requests

Important: The StoRM WebDAV service is released and supported only on SL/CENTOS 6.

Bug fixes

  • [STOR-346] - WebDAV DELETE response is 401 UNAUTHORIZED instead of 404 NOT EXISTS for authorized users on nonexistent resources
  • [STOR-632] - StoRM WebDAV service handles multi-range partial get incorrectly
  • [STOR-669] - HTTP requests fail if path contains trailing slashes

Installation and configuration

Check the the StoRM WebDAV installation and configuration guide for detailed installation and configuration information.

For the other StoRM services, check the the System Administration Guide.

Changes since the 1.0.0 preview release

Some sites installed the storm-webdav 1.0.0 preview release. The location of configuration and log files has changed in this release to be better aligned with other StoRM services.

Packaging changes described in the following table:

  1.0.0 location 1.0.2 location
Configuration directory /etc/storm-webdav /etc/storm/webdav
Service logs /var/log/storm-webdav /var/log/storm/webdav

If you installed the beta version, move configuration files to the new directory and restart the service.