StoRM WebDAV v. 1.3.0

Released on 07.08.2020 as an update of StoRM v. 1.11.18.


This release:

  • updates Spring Boot to v.2.2.6 release;
  • fixes output and error log redirection on CentOS7;
  • separates jvm variable from generic jvm options and moves it inside systemd unit;
  • disables Conscrypt by default;
  • fixes Authorization header in TPC redirects;
  • fixes content-length header for large files.

Bug fixes

  • [STOR-1197] - StoRM Webdav should drop Authorization header in TPC redirects
  • [STOR-1207] - StoRM WebDAV leaks file descriptors when Conscrypt is enabled
  • [STOR-1217] - StoRM WebDAV does not set content-length header correctly for large files
  • [STOR-1203] - Conscrypt should be disabled by default
  • [STOR-1206] - StoRM WebDAV out and err file missing in CENTOS 7 configuration


  • [STOR-1189] - Separate jvm variable from generic jvm options and move it inside systemd unit
  • [STOR-1201] - Update spring boot to 2.2.6 release

Installation and configuration

On RHEL6, update package:

yum update storm-webdav

and run YAIM.

On RHEL7, to install and configure StoRM WebDAV you can use StoRM Puppet module as follows:

puppet module install cnafsd-storm
class { 'storm::webdav':
  storage_areas => [
      'name'                       => 'dteam',
      'root_path'                  => '/storage/dteam',
      'access_points'              => ['/dteam'],
      'vos'                        => ['dteam'],
  hostnames     => [''],

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