StoRM 1.11.7 released

09 Feb 2015 Andrea Ceccanti

The StoRM Product Team is pleased to announce the release of StoRM 1.11.7 that includes the following updated components:

and the first release of the StoRM WebDAV service:

StoRM WebDAV replaces the StoRM gridhttps service. All sites installing StoRM and providing HTTP and WebDAV endpoints should upgrade to the StoRM WebDAV service for improved performance and stability of the service as soon as possible.

More information in the StoRM WebDAV release notes.

Packages can be obtained from our repositories and will soon be available on the EMI-3 repository. Follow the instructions in the download section.


On SL5 platform, there’s a known issue. Read StoRM 1.11.7 release notes to apply the correct workaround.