StoRM 1.11.18 released

07 Aug 2020 Enrico Vianello

The StoRM Product Team is pleased to announce the release of StoRM 1.11.18 that includes the following updated components:

This release introduces the support for CentOS 7 for all StoRM components.

It also provides fixes to some outstanding bugs, in particular:

  • fixes errors on published storage space occupancy in case multiple storage area shares the same VO;
  • fixes not published WebDAV endpoints when latest logic is used;
  • fixes not dropped Authorization header in WebDAV TPC redirects;
  • fixes leaked file descriptors when Conscrypt is enabled on StoRM WebDAV;
  • sets correctly HTTP content-length for large files;
  • fixes errors on transferred files through GridFTP that leave empty files with an adler32 checksum for a non-empty file;
  • fixes KillMode on GridFTP systemd unit.

It also provides several improvements, in particular:

  • fixes wrong ERROR log messages when file does not exist on srmRm requests;
  • changes the way info provider checks if Backend is running;
  • introduces a Background DU Service (disabled by default) that periodically updates the storage space info for non-GPFS storage areas (read more info here);
  • adds Date and thread pools metrics in the metrics logged info;
  • updates spring boot to 2.2.6 release for StoRM WebDAV;
  • adds SystemD support for StoRM Backend and StoRM Frontend.

Please, follow the upgrade instructions.

Starting from StoRM v1.11.18 StoRM production repository has been migrated. Read how to install/upgrade StoRM repositories into the Downloads section.

Read the release notes for more details.